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Cornell Lab of Ornithology


Command messages

Troubleshooting command messages? Please check that your message to send looks as follows:

  1. Be sent TO the following address (NOT the main list address)
  2. Be sent FROM the email address at which you are subscribed (you may need to edit, as our system can't know this)
  3. Have no text in the body of the message
  4. Have a subject line with no punctuation, no formatting (used here just for emphasis), reading: set command

This particular message has is setting the command for regular mail service (receiving each message as it is contributed). Basic commands are as follows (note, in most browsers, the following links should automatically open a formatted message to send as-is, but be sure to check details before sending):
  • Daily Digest - one message per day will full content of all posts (Command: set digest).
  • Vacation - stop receiving messages without unsubscribing (Command: set nomail).
  • Resume all mail - the default setting when you subscribe, good to use if you are back from vacation or want to change back from the digest to again receive each message as it is posted (Command: set mail).

Additional commands and more general information about using Cornell University e-lists can be found here.

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