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Curriculum: climate change impacts on wildlife and wildlands

Citizen science participants recognized as "Climate Stewards" by government agencies, in education resources on regional climate impacts.

Curriculum: climate change impacts on wildlife and wildlands

Screen capture from the Wildlife and Wildlands website, part of the United States Global Change Research Program

There's a dynamic new, online version of the award-winning educator Toolkit, "Climate Change Wildlife and Wildlands," which helps bring the focus of climate change to every ecoregion in the United States (including the Caribbean, Pacific Islands, and Alaska's Polar/Sub Polar regions).

The award-winning educational resources, offered by the United States Global Change Research Program and vetted by both educators and scientists, represent the best and most current research across seven government agencies. Teaching materials aside, the site is worth a few clicks just to soar through the map, exploring climate impacts by species or ecoregions.

It's also notable that many of their profiles of "Climate Stewards" (found in each region's Case Study) focus on citizen science projects: from BudBurst and the Great Backyard Bird Count, to the Salmon Watcher Program and the Alaska Lake Ice and Snow Observatory Network.

Citizen science is fast becoming recognized as on the front lines for both climate change research and educating for climate literacy. We've started a list of citizen science projects addressing climate change... be sure to add yours if it's not there.


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