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Data Management Guide

In just 15 pages, this 2013 resource from DataONE shares the essential details you need to effectively take charge of your citizen science dataset.

Data Management Guide

Data Life Cycle Model from the Data Management Guide. Courtesy of DataONE.

Got citizen science data?
The Data Management Guide for Public Participation in Scientific Research is a practitioner's reference for managing data, an important part of citizen science project design and sustainability. This 15-page guide highlights essential issues and processes that support effective project outcomes for both researchers and participants.

Using examples from citizen science projects, the guide illustrates key aspects of data management throughout the project life cycle, with special attention to the unique challenges and opportunities that project coordinators encounter when working with volunteer data. There are links to projects, tools, and best practices to help organizers optimize the quality, usability and accessibility of their project data. Improving data management practices - from initial planning to gradual changes during project operation - makes data easier to find, use, analyze, share, and reuse.

The Guide was produced by the Public Participation in Scientific Research Working Group of DataONE. DataONE is a network of organizations creating tools and services to ensure the preservation, access, use and reuse of multi-scale, multi-discipline, and multi-national observational data about the Earth. The Public Participation in Scientific Research Working Group's goals are to develop resources to help improve quality, quantity, and accessibility of PPSR data, and advance integration of PPSR data into conventional scientific research.

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Suggested citation:
Wiggins, A., Bonney, R., Graham, E., Henderson, S., Kelling, S., Littauer, R., LeBuhn, G., Lotts, K., Michener, W., Newman, G., Russell, E., Stevenson, R. & Weltzin, J. (2013). Data Management Guide for Public Participation in Scientific Research. DataONE: Albuquerque, NM.

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