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2012 Citizen science meetings

Diverse and exciting opportunities to network and collaborate this year to advance the field of citizen science.

(From the e-list, 5 JAN 2012. Interested in subscribing? Click here!)

Happy New Year!

2012 is shaping up to be a banner year for networking and connecting about citizen science. As a sneak-peek into something I'm particularly excited about this year, please mark August 4th and 5th in your calendars...  in the works is a large-scale, cross-cutting conference aimed at advancing the field of practice that includes citizen science and other forms of public participation in scientific research. Beyond that I must keep you in suspense for the moment, but promise to send more details as soon as they are official.

In the meantime, meetings highlighting citizen science or aspects of citizen science are popping up in many different contexts and venues, including Citizen Cyberscience (London), Public Understanding of Science (Arizona), and Computational Sustainability (Toronto). Scroll down to read more about each of these... there are more interesting details beyond what the names convey (e.g., addressing humanitarian/development issues; networking with volunteers and/or with other innovative educators and researchers; connecting with academics about artificial intelligence... wow!). And, as most of these have January deadlines for applying or submitting abstracts, do check them out soon.

Know of other citizen science-related conferences or meetings to share? Please post them to our discussion page on conferences and meetings (you can also follow that page to receive updates from others).

Here's to an exciting 2012 for citizen science!

Jennifer and the team


Second London Citizen Cyberscience Summit. 16-18 February 2012, London. Accepting talk ideas until the end of January. Citizen scientists and researchers alike will engage in presentations, panels, unconference sessions, and a hackfest to collaboratively advance citizen cyberscience as a means for addressing humanitarian and development issues.   

The Coalition for the Public Understanding of Science Invitational "Un-Conference," 16-18 March 2012, Arizona's Biosphere 2.  Apply by January 15th. An event aimed at networking innovators, from diverse perspectives, to share ideas and inspiration related to increasing the public's understanding of science.  

AAAI 2012 Special Track on Computational Sustainability and Artificial Intelligence, Toronto, 22-26 July 2012.  Abstracts due January 20th. This track (within a larger conference on Artificial Intelligence) is specifically seeking presentations on citizen science as one possible means of involving humans in solving complex computational problems related to sustainability (e.g., climate, bird migration, infectious disease, resource use).

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