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Announcing the redesign

UPDATE 2 AUG 2013: is being redesigned! You can take part in informing this process.

(From the news e-list, 2 AUG 2013. Interested in subscribing? Click here!)

Hello all,

I am excited to announce that (drumroll please….) the website is finally being redesigned!

This has been a long-awaited process. From day one, the vision for how could best serve this community far exceeded the technical and financial capital available to support it.

Now, with support primarily from the Noyce Foundation and with the design and development expertise of Ideum, Inc., we are taking steps towards vastly improved site identity, usability, navigation, and services for this field of practice. Take a look at an overview of new features in the works, with many thanks to the wide range of stakeholders who participated in intensive interviews and focus groups to inform these visions.

Now, we hope you’ll tell us what you want!

Over the next two weeks we will be doing flash-feedback sessions, inviting a few folks each day to comment on features of a specific page. We’ll ask participants to finish this statement: “On this page, it would be great if I could....”

While we can’t promise to fulfill everyone’s dreams, we hope to at least know what dreams are out there, in order to work towards them where possible. Pages that we can dream together about include the site’s home page, personal profile pages, project pages, and more.

If you’d like to be part of this process, please fill out this quick poll (three questions: name, email, and up to three choices of days to participate). There is more info there on what to expect from taking part.

We look forward to your feedback, and to exciting things to come!


... and the team

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