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Updates, 18 JAN 2011

Priority need: support for project evaluation.

Hi folks,

Citizen Science Central is here to help meet the needs of project leaders. One priority need we've heard from you: support for project evaluation.

Meet Tina Phillips, part of the team and leader of a new initiative to provide evaluation tools to this community. To better understand and support your evaluation needs, she needs your help.  Here's a message from Tina:

Last year, in a survey sent to members of the listserv, project evaluation was ranked as a top priority for enhancing citizen science work (right behind project sustainability). In response, we want to find out what we can do to make evaluations easier for you.

Next week we will send out an email invitation to share your input on project evaluation needs. Whether or not your project has conducted an evaluation, your feedback is critical! We want to know what you need to support future evaluations, and (for those of you who've been through the process) what strategies have worked well (or not so well) for you.


Your responses will help inform a newly-funded NSF initiative called DEVISE, aimed at, "DEveloping, Validating, and Implementing Situated Evaluation Instruments to Assess the Impacts of Public Participation in Scientific Research."A major goal of DEVISE is to provide an online toolkit of instruments, designs, and strategies to help project leaders and evaluators measuring learning outcomes from citizen science engagement, and we can't do this without your help.

Again, we need your help regardless of your level of experience with evaluation. Please keep an eye out for an email invitation, and consider taking 10 minutes to respond to our survey and inform the tools we build to support your evaluation needs.

Thank you!

Tina Phillips, Evaluation Program Manager, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

We are glad to have Tina's work become a major part of, and to have her on board as part of our growing team! Please help Tina help you by responding to her survey, or send us an email at any point with your evaluation concerns.

~~Jennifer and the team at


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