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Cross-disciplinary conversations

Citizen science prominently discussed in several recent conferences.

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Hi folks,

The Twittersphere is still abuzz about last week's Citizen Cyberscience Summit in London. Hundreds of people gathered from around the world to share... and even create... cutting-edge ideas for public participation in scientific research. The event marked the launch of the Extreme Citizen Science (ExCiteS) initiative of University College London, aimed at building linkages between sophisticated technology, volunteered geographic information, indigenous communities, and environmental justice. Video archives of conversations are archived at, along with links to many blog posts and other online coverage. For a nice visual overview, see MyScienceWork's Storify page.

Not to be lost in the flood of conversations about this Summit, last week there was also a session of talks on citizen science at AAAS in Vancouver

Be a part of these conversations! The upcoming August 4-5th PPSR Conference in Portland, Oregon, explicitly aims to advance PPSR as a field, reaching across disciplines to build a community of practice. Don't forget, if you're planning to come and you would also like to present at the ESA meeting that follows the PPSR conference, ESA's deadline for abstracts is today (Thursday, Feb. 23rd, 5pmEST). For the PPSR Conference itself, a call for poster abstracts will open later this spring.

Here's to more great conversations!


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