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Crowdsourcing citizen science photos

UPDATE 17 OCT 2013: Find and share citizen science photos through a new Flickr group.

(From the news e-list, 17 OCT 2013. Interested in subscribing? Click here!)

Hi all,

We all may find ourselves, occasionally, searching for good, usable images of citizen science.

We're totally in that boat right now with the redesign of underway (have I mentioned that the site is getting an overhaul? Very exciting!!). We're looking for great citizen science photos, ones that represent a wide range of projects and contexts.

To do this, we've create a space where ALL of us can find citizen science images, ones that are licensed for sharing with attribution: the Citizen Science Open Image pool on Flickr.

How could you benefit?

    1) get visibility for your project and photos (think bloggers, journalists... websites... )
    2) have access to other great photos to use when needed

How to take part?

    1) when adding images, be sure to license for use with attribution*
    2) when using images, be sure to attribute the source

    *Flickr defaults to "all rights reserved" but you can change that under Owner settings > License. It's easy, and binding!

That's all there is to it! Note that you do have to have a Flickr account and join the group to add images, but that's not necessary to use images. Just do be good (and be legal) - attribute, attribute, attribute!

Here's a quick link to the legally binding Creative Commons licensing used by Flickr, that can help us all feel confident that our shared work will be treated fairly. We'll have more on licensing and policies for citizen science next week...

Looking forward to seeing your photos!


... and the team

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