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EList update 5 OCT 2011: News happens faster than bi-weekly emails. Follow on Twitter!

(From our e-list, 5 OCT 2011. Interested in subscribing? Click here!)

Let me summarize today's update in under 140 characters: 

News happens faster than bi-weekly emails. Follow on Twitter!!/CitSciCentral


What kinds of things do we Tweet?

Resources and ideas:

RT @Crowdsourcing_: Could #Crowdfunding be an option for #Citizenscience? 9 things you need to know.


Ethics and #citizenscience? Two online discussions, theory: and practice:

#Citizenscience about health: How #crowdsourcing makes studying #disease, #publichealth more efficient RT @science4care

Workshops and conferences:

Georgia conference on Citizen Science, EcoJustice, and Youth Activism: #citizenscience #ecojustice

Educators (in/formal), become a BirdSleuth Ambassador. Workshop Oct. 16-17, Ithaca, NY. #citizenscience


Near Baltimore? Free wkshp 14OCT for #ISE educators: Integrating #CitizenScience into sci center programming. @ScienceCenters

Publications and findings:

Call for Manuscripts, #CitizenScience and Zoological Research:

History of lay/amateur participation in science observations: issue intro by Vetter #citizenscience


RT @NSF: Research using #citizenscience (and other) data shows migration helps butterflies escape disease outbreaks.







A quick Twitter primer (skip this if you're an old hand!): words starting with "@" are users (we're @CitSciCentral). We sometimes re-tweet (RT) things from other users, and it's good form to RT @... so folks know the source. Words starting with "#" are keywords (these are also called hashtags). You can use hashtags to help you sort through Tweets for information of interest to you. Finally, things starting with http OR with are links... click on them for much more content!

Tweets are short, but can be dense nuggets of information... don't overlook some of the good stuff above! Check out our feed for more of our Tweets, and consider clicking the Follow button to stay on top of news and ideas.


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Citizen science, volunteer monitoring, participatory action research... this site supports organizers of all initiatives where public participants are involved in scientific research.

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