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Citizen science at science centers, discussion forum

Share your thoughts and connect with others who coordinate citizen science at, or with, informal science education institutions.

(From our e-list, 25 OCT 2011. Interested in subscribing? Click here!)

There's a groundswell of interest in citizen science at science centers, parks, botanic gardens, museums, zoos, planetariums, aquariums...

Could this be you? Do you do citizen science at - or with - an informal science education institution? Or would you like to?

If so, join in a conversation this week and next, where colleagues are asking:

How can citizen science at informal science education institutions meet new goals for learning and research? And what kinds of support do these partnerships need?

  • How can national-scale projects meet the needs/interests of regional science centers and audiences?
  • What does it take to build effective partnership between museum researchers and museum educators?
  • How to balance opportunities for reaching urban audiences with challenges like accessing green spaces in urban areas?

Share your thoughts, and connect with others who are expanding research and learning opportunities through citizen science partnerships at museums, parks, and gardens.

Or, if you're interested in following the discussion, but aren't sure you're ready to chime in yet, click "Subscribe by email" in the bottom left of the discussion page.

Hope to hear from you!


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