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News and Updates 15 April 2010 redesigned, workshop on handheld devices, new issue of The Volunteer Monitor, and farewell to Terrie Miller...

1. Check out the redesigned Citizen Science Central
2. Upcoming workshop on handheld devices for data collection
3. Newest issue of The Volunteer Monitor covers issues, technologies
4. Thanks Terrie, for!

Check out the redesigned Citizen Science Central

The home page of now features projects, resources, and connections between citizen science and climate change. Current features: sensor technologies of The Quake-Catcher Network, a brief history of citizen science, and an online presentation about amateur contributions to understanding the impacts of climate change. Sign up for the RSS feed to check out new features as they're posted.

Upcoming workshop on handheld devices for data collection

This field continually explores technology opportunities for field data collection with handheld devices. NatureServe and partners, with support from the  National Science Foundation, are developing a robust "Mobile Observations System". The goal is to more efficiently gather information on species and   ecosystems in the course of conducting biodiversity surveys, and to reduce  the time from data capture to data sharing. View prototypes and offer  feedback  during a 3-hour workshop at the upcoming NatureServe  Conservation Conference in Austin, TX April 26-28, 2010: “Big Landscapes,  Little Gadgets – a handheld field system for collecting and managing  observation data” (tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, April 28th).  If interested in attending, please email Paul Allen so that workshop coordinators can prepare enough materials for an interactive  session. For general conference information:

Newest issue of The Volunteer Monitor covers issues, technologies

The Spring 2010 issue of The Volunteer Monitor covers "Emerging Issues & New Technologies", including ideas for using Google's MyMaps for data management, tips for monitoring through the economic downturn, and efforts of volunteer monitoring organizations to watchdog gas drilling in the Northeast,. PDF versions of recent newsletters are available at (this issue will be posted shortly). This issue notes that part of the economic downturn means a hiatus in the publication of The Volunteer Monitor (despite the sponsor, EPA's, interests). If you value what this newsletter offers, send your supportive thoughts to Alice Mayio at the EPA.

Thanks Terrie, for!

For years, Terrie Miller has been blogging about citizen science projects, both those she is actively involved in (many!) and those she's found to offer exciting experiences for others. She has been instrumental in bringing  visibility to numerous projects and to this whole field. Huge thanks are due to Terrie for her dedication to this endeavor, and we wish her all the best as she  moves on to other things. has been adopted by The WildLab (we'll look forward to hearing more from them).   For more blogging by and about citizen scientists, see also (more about that site in future news posts).

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