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Cornell Lab of Ornithology



News and Updates 7 September 2010
Updates, 18 JAN 2011
Priority need: support for project evaluation.
Updates, 15 APRIL 2011
Conservation and public participation in scientific research, fabulous blog post
Ethics and citizen science, discussion forum
EList update 13 SEPT 2011: Launching the discussion forum on with a conversation about addressing ethical considerations.
Professional Development, Citizen Science and Informal Science Education
[Summer 2012] The Association of Science-Technology Centers offers three free workshops for ISE professionals.
Conference News
Update 8 SEPT 2014 - Citizen Science 2015 call for proposals, call for reviewers, and more.
Changing the citizen science conversation
EList update, 31 AUG 2011: Citizen science at ESA; Focus on Diversity; Discussion forum coming soon.
Updates, 1 AUGUST 2011
New discussion forum online; April PPSR workshop proceedings available; Call for presenters for AGU meeting
BudBurst Buddies at the New York Hall of Science
Supporting young families in citizen science through online resources for learning and social networking.
Citizen paleontology
In light of recent amateur contributions to paleontology, Lisa Gardiner blogs about three paleontology-focused citizen science projects.
Citizen science at science centers, discussion forum
Share your thoughts and connect with others who coordinate citizen science at, or with, informal science education institutions.
Updates, 21 FEB 2011
Help keep project listings current
Manuals for collaborative research and monitoring
Gain new ideas, on topics from data analysis to project fundraising, by exploring materials written from different perspectives.
News and Updates 17 August 2010
A forthcoming survey, recent publications, and citizen science conference presentations...
News and Updates 15 April 2010 redesigned, workshop on handheld devices, new issue of The Volunteer Monitor, and farewell to Terrie Miller...

Citizen science, volunteer monitoring, participatory action research... this site supports organizers of all initiatives where public participants are involved in scientific research.

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