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Submit fake data! (be a beta-tester)

Help the Cricket and Katydid project test their system for email, Twitter, text, and phone data submission, today only!

If this message reaches you by 2:30pm eastern on Monday (July 23rd)*, would you take a moment to fake some data?


Sam Droege and colleagues at Patuxent Wildlife Research Center are beta testing phone, text, and email formats for submitting Cricket and Katydid survey data. You can help them do a real "trial by fire" so they can find any weak spots before they go live. Hooray to them for testing their technology... and to you for helping!

Details on how to do this are below.

*Note that the beta test window is only open until 3pm eastern, apologies if this reaches you too late for your creative contributions!

From Sam Droege and colleagues at the Cricket and Katydid project:

This fall we will be hosting 2 events (Maryland and Hawaii) to survey calling orthopterans (crickets and katydids) and in the case of Hawaii...invasive frogs and geckos (the main idea is to gather baseline data, try out the technique and look for associations with the landscapes). We will be using cell phones to call in the data and could use your help in testing the system by making a phone call, email, or tweet....see information below. You can then watch the action in real time on our web site. Please forward this to as many people as you please and calls and tweets can be made from any place in the world...the more diverse the better so we can see what happens!

Directions for submitting fake cricket and katydid data for a trial run of the cricket crawl system on July 23rd:

We are asking people to help us test our system by sending in some fake data similar to what someone participating in the real cricket crawl would do with their cell phone in the field, it should be easy, but that’s why we are testing it. And we should be able to retrieve all the data and feed it into twitter and then into discoverlife.

The fake event will be July 23 at 2:30 PM Eastern time and the "survey window" will be open for half an hour.

This is a test of our system and you can watch the results come in in real time at the following website, similar, hopefully to what will happen later this year during the real events:

We need the following bits of information no matter which method you choose to submit your fake data

1. Name the species

2. City

3. Street address or nearest intersection

4. Your name

5. Time you did the survey

There are four ways you can submit fake data:

1. Twitter. Use the following username Twitter Username: @DevDemoHi

2. email. Send in results to the following email address

3. Regular Phone call. Call and leave the information at the following telephone number. Don’t forget the PIN Number. 707 820-7732 (pin number 7732)

4. Texting. Text your information into the phone number below. Don’t forget to use the pin number! 707 820-7732 (pin number 7732)

Pictures can be included and are encouraged!

Many thanks!

Linda Davis

Cathy Stragar

Derek Masaki

Sam Droege

To join this elist, visit


With questions, email us at


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