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Updates, 1 AUGUST 2011

New discussion forum online; April PPSR workshop proceedings available; Call for presenters for AGU meeting

1. Share your citizen science insights through a new discussion forum

2. Proceedings available: Engaging and Learning for Conservation

3. Call for presenters for AGU sessions on citizen science in Geosciences


Share your insights through a new discussion forum is pleased to now offer a forum for important discussions about citizen science, volunteer monitoring, and other initiatives involving public participation in scientific research (PPSR).

In March, 2011, we pilot-tested the forum as part of an initiative exploring PPSR and conservation. Hundreds of thoughtful and provocative comments were posted, and we have just reopened these threads for your contributions.

Now the forum is growing to cover more topics and reach more participants. New questions will be posted on a monthly basis, with individuals from across the field of PPSR leading discussions.

To start: If you could hear ideas from others in this field about any one topic, what topic would that be?

We look forward to your insights!


Proceedings available: Engaging and Learning for Conservation

On April 7th and 8th, 2011, 60 practitioners from a diversity of academic, government and non-profit sector backgrounds came together to answer the following question: How can public participation in scientific research (PPSR) help to bridge the divide between science research and conservation practice?

A short workshop summary is now available, as are the full workshop proceedings. Many participants also brought posters describing projects, scientific and/or educational research, or tools and technologies they employ.


Call for presenters for AGU sessions on citizen science in Geosciences

Several sessions at the upcoming December, 2011, American Geophysical Union Conference will highlight citizen science work. Note that the AGU abstract deadline is a bit earlier this year – August 4. Importantly, first authors are allowed to submit a science abstract AND an education abstract, so if you are already submitting a science abstract this is a wonderful opportunity to also present your education and outreach efforts.

Click here to submit.

ED37. Public Participation in Research: Engaging Citizen Scientists in Geoscience Research

Conveners: Annette Schloss and Sandra Henderson

Session Description: This session will focus on best practices and lessons learned from successful citizen science programs that promote greater understanding of geoscience through participation. Submissions that address planning, marketing, recruiting, retention, web site design, data entry, data quality control, coordination and management, communication, evaluation, and final reporting back to participants are encouraged. Abstracts are encouraged that represent the diversity of participants found in citizen science projects including K-12 school groups, informal science centers, individuals, communities, universities, and laboratories. We encourage abstracts that utilize mobile technologies to collect and report data.


ED07. Citizen Science: Multiple Approaches, Multiple Audiences

Convener: Connie Walker

Session Description: Citizen science programs are gaining popularity and have the potential to benefit participants, extend scientific research, and improve public understanding of how science is done by engaging non-specialists in observations, measurements or classifications that further scientific activity. Programs presented can come from a range of involvement from passive to active. They can focus on how integrated citizen scientists are to the programs’ goals. Presenters can discuss whether large numbers of volunteers are required to investigate scientific questions effectively. Presentations can include lessons learned from current citizen science projects in space, environmental, biological and geosciences, and a discussion of future directions. Presenters’ printed materials and CDs are encouraged to accompany the session.

Citizen science, volunteer monitoring, participatory action research... this site supports organizers of all initiatives where public participants are involved in scientific research.

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