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Updates, 14 NOV 2011

Collaborations: a discussion, a funding opportunity, and more...

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Hi folks,

We all know that collaboration advances research... it's likely why we're all interested in and involved with citizen science. Here are three opportunities based in, calling for, and supporting collaboration (including a funding opportunity, so be sure to read through!).

1. A new discussion forum is up! This month: collaborations between local and scientific knowledge. How do we advance learning that relevant to both local communities and science? Share your thoughts on strategies, assessments, and more:

2. Do you assess participants' data collection skills (or have you)? Your experiences and instruments (if you're willing to share one or both) can contribute to a new set of customizable evaluation tools for the field of citizen science. More here:

3. A matching grants RFP has been posted by the National Forest Foundation, which specifically calls out Community Based Forestry as one programmatic emphasis (others include Wildlife Habitat Improvement, Recreation, and Watershed Health & Restoration). For dates and details visit:

Here's to working together to build the field of citizen science!

Jennifer and the team

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