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Updates, 15 APRIL 2011

Conservation and public participation in scientific research, fabulous blog post

Updates, 15 APRIL 2011

On April 7th and 8th, 2011, over 60 individuals involved in designing, facilitating and studying public participation in scientific research met at the American Museum of Natural History to discuss how conservation can be achieved through this work.

A fabulous overview of the event has already been posted by Anne Toomey on the ScienceforCitizens blog, which captures the mood of the event as well as the breadth of the discussions. Further workshop products and report-outs will be forthcoming on (background on the workshop can be found here).

Even if your work is not in conservation specifically, this post is worth reading... Anne's thoughtful reflections and insightful prose will captivate you, as will the stories of some of the projects represented.



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