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Updates, 21 FEB 2011

Help keep project listings current

Hi folks,

Thank you to the many of you who have generously responded to recent surveys. Your input is helping to inform the resources we can offer you as we work together to grow the field of citizen science.

In the 2010 survey about the site, we heard interest in improving the Project Gateway. Project lists are most useful if they are kept up-to-date, but our infrastructure has made that process difficult. Not anymore!

This week, those of you who have projects listed on our site can expect an email invitation to check out your current information and provide updated details as necessary. (Haven't yet added a project? You may receive an invitation to list one!). This opportunity comes thanks to Syracuse iSchool graduate student Andrea Wiggins, who is developing a centralized database for very detailed project information (and, gleaning information for an NSF-funded project and her dissertation in the process).

Imagine the possibilities this offers! With a centralized database we can think about:

Some of these features are a bit down the road. But some are starting this week! Please keep an eye out for your email invitation and take the opportunity to update your project information. This will keep details current, improve, and help Andrea (and all of us) learn more about citizen science project organization in the process.


Jennifer and the team

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