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Webcast on re-engaging volunteer monitors

Free webcast, "Re-engaging your Volunteer Monitoring Organization" 19 NOV 2013.

Register for a free Watershed Academy Webcast on Nov. 19 at 1-3pm EST re. "Re-engaging your Volunteer Monitoring Organization”

(shared by Anne Weinberg, US EPA)

Do you want to keep your volunteer monitoring or watershed organization strong and active for years to come? If so, take a moment to think about your group’s dynamics and structure. Have you achieved what you initially set out to do? Has the momentum of the group faded? Are you wishing that someone else would step up and share the burden of leadership activities? If these questions resonate with you and/or your program, then this webcast is for you!

In the larger watershed community it is common for the energy and number of volunteers to ebb and flow. All too often groups form in response to an urgent issue or have strong momentum in the beginning, but then interest and motivation tapers off. Don’t worry, that is part of a natural organizational development progression. There are several ways to assess and address volunteer engagement lulls. This three-part webcast will look at volunteer engagement, efforts, and outcomes at the community, state, and national level.

The first part of the webcast will review go-to volunteer monitoring online forums and resources. The second part will look at volunteer recruitment and retention from the community group level then transition into discussing the findings and action items identified through the Alabama Water Watch 20-year assessment. In the third part of the webcast we will explore how our volunteer monitoring community is doing on a national level by looking at trends, successes, and outcomes. Through this interactive event, participants will learn about tools, resources, and strategies to re-engage their volunteer water monitoring program and celebrate our successes across the nation.

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Anne Weinberg
Communications Coordinator
Assessment and Watershed Protection Division
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Citizen science, volunteer monitoring, participatory action research... this site supports organizers of all initiatives where public participants are involved in scientific research.

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