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White House celebrates citizen science

On June 25th, 2013, the White House and the Office of Science and Technology Policy is holding a Champions of Change event to honor citizen science - individuals and the field.

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Exciting news!

Today (Tuesday), the White House is honoring Citizen Science Champions of Change. I’d like to take the opportunity to extend congratulations to these individuals.

And to you.

Citizen science could never have reached such a high level of attention without the dedicated interest and work of each of us in this field. This event recognizes individuals, yes - but beyond that it acknowledges the hard-won merits of citizen science as an approach to research, education, and community change.

This is worth celebrating!

For those receiving this message in time, the 8:30am EST event will be live streamed (and archived) at More details (embargoed) are expected to also be available on the blog from the Office of Science and Technology Policy, organizers of this event.




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