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Cornell Lab of Ornithology


A.T. Seasons: Tracking Phenology from Georgia to Maine

Volunteers recording phenology events along the Appalachian Trail.

A.T. Seasons: Tracking Phenology from Georgia to Maine

The A.T. Seasons project brings together different parks and organizations that are actively monitoring phenology along the Appalachian Trail. Phenology is the study of the reoccurring life cycle stages of plants and animals, such as bud break and leaf-out, and how their timing relates to biotic and abiotic forces, such as weather and climate. Through this program, volunteer observers can contribute to a comprehensive data set with the goal of understanding the relationship between phenology and climate change along the Appalachian Trail.

Partnering organizations:

Appalachian Trail Conservancy
Appalachian Mountain Club
Appalachian National Scenic Trail
USA National Phenology Network
Great Smoky Mountains National Park



Topic - plants, animals, phenology, seasons, climate

Audience - K-12, students, university, agencies

Location - Appalachian Trail, Smoky Mountains, Eastern United States, White Mountains

Goals - education, resource management



Marian Orlousky, Northern Resource Management Coordinator  email Marian

Georgia Murray, AMC Staff Scientist  email Georgia

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