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Cornell Lab of Ornithology


Projects by Name

Community Mapping Network
A online platform for species atlas data entry and integration to support Canadian communities in sustainable land use planning.
Cricket Crawl
An app to capture data in the field, describing specimens for biodiversity studies.
EdVenture: Monarch Larvae Monitoring Program
Students and volunteers explore how butterfly populations are impacted by climate change.
Forest Breeding Bird Monitoring
Forest Salamander Monitoring
Franklin Institute: eBird
Students in a service-learning program collect data for eBird, a national database of bird observations.
Fresno Bird Count
Monitoring the distribution and abundance of birds in and around Fresno, CA.
FrogWatch USA
Citizen Science program that provides individuals, groups, and families with an opportunity to learn about wetlands in their communities and report data on the calls of local frogs and toads.
Fungi Mapping
Volunteers document fungi within the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, helping to create a database of information about where and when mushrooms are produced.
Galaxy Zoo
Galloway Creek Water Quality Monitoring
Global Garlic Mustard Field Survey
GLOBE at Night
Great Lakes Worm Watch
Great Lakes Worm Watch, Beaver Creek
Great World Wide Star Count

Citizen science, volunteer monitoring, participatory action research... this site supports organizers of all initiatives where public participants are involved in scientific research.

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