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American Kestrel Partnership

Unifies North American businesses, universities, and public participants in scientific research to advance conservation of American Kestrel populations

American Kestrel Partnership

The Peregrine Fund, the world's foremost organization for the science and conservation of birds of prey, recently launched the American Kestrel Partnership, which unifies North American families, students, teachers, bird watchers, businesses, universities, non-profit organizations, and wildlife enthusiasts to advance conservation of American Kestrel populations. The American Kestrel is North America's smallest and most common and colorful falcon, but data indicate that populations are declining. The Peregrine Fund is responding with the American Kestrel Partnership to understand why and develop conservation strategies. More information on this project can be found at: American Kestrel Partnership



Topic - American Kestrel

Audience - Citizens, Businesses, Universities, Non-Profits

Location - North America

Goals - Advance conservation of American Kestrel populations



 The Peregrine Fund



 Matt Giovanni, The Peregrine Fund email Matt Giovanni

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