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anymals+plants is a new tool for information and logging purposes of local biodiversity. The main purpose of anymals is to inform people about the biodiversity around their current location. The anymals app retrieves Biodiversity information dependent on the users location from the GBIF Database, and presents the available Information with automatically localized names and a picture of the occurring species. Further information about the species is provided by a direct connection to the corresponding Wikipedia article. Additionally the user can sightings, of every species available, and if not, the user can create the species entry himself on the web platform and share it with everyone.

Link to the Project:anymals+plants

Link to the Organization:University of Erlangen


Topic - Biodiveristy

Audience - everyone

Location - Worldwide

Goals - Education, Data collection



Alfred-Wegener-Institute for Polar and Marine Research

Museum of Natural History Berlin



Daniel P. Zitterbart, Researcheremail Daniel


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