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Cornell Lab of Ornithology


Acoustic Bat Monitoring

Acoustic Bat Monitoring

is coordinated by

Beaver Creek Reserve Citizen Science Center

in partnership with the

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

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This project trains volunteers like you to conduct acoustic bat surveys of your local area using an AnaBat detector attached to a PDA with GPS. The detector picks up the echolocation calls emitted by bats and translates it to a frequency the human ear can hear. Each detection system records information about phenology and species presence. Data is entered into the Wisconsin Bat Monitoring Program database, with the long-term scope of this project to compile information about phenology, species presence, migration timing vs. residence, and trends of the bat species in Wisconsin.


Open the Beaver Creek Reserve Citizen Science Center website



Topic - bat monitoring

Location - Wisconsin

Goals - monitoring



Sarah Braun, Citizen Science Director  email Sarah  read Sarah's profile


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