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Cornell Lab of Ornithology


BTO Garden BirdWatch

Garden BirdWatch

is run by

The British Trust for Ornithology



The British Trust for Ornithology monitors the changing fortunes of those birds that use our gardens through the BTO Garden BirdWatch. The project involves more than 16,000 garden birdwatchers, all collecting simple information on the birds using their gardens throughout the year. This information also enables us to find out how birds use different types of gardens and how this use varies across Britain and Ireland. Garden BirdWatch is the largest year-round study of garden birds (and other garden wildlife) anywhere in the World.


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Topic - garden birds, gardens, mammals, butterflies

Audience - birdwatchers, gardeners

Location - Europe, Great Britain, United Kingdom, backyard

Goals - education, research, citizen science, monitoring



Garden BirdWatch Organiser tiny email icon 

00 44 1842 750050

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