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Arizona Science Center: Bark Beetles and Rainfall

Curriculum materials support teachers involving students in data analysis, investigating how rainfall and temperature relate to bark beetle outbreaks.

Arizona Science Center: Bark Beetles and Rainfall

As part of the Communicating Climate Change (C3) Citizen Science initiative, Arizona Science Center and partnering institutions have developed statewide curriculum materials about climate change and bark beetle infestations. Using real data, students explore trends in temperature and rainfall, and how those trends relate to bark beetle outbreaks. Optional activities include participation in BudBurst or National Phenology Network projects.


Read a feature about this initiative here. 



Topic - climate change, temperature, rainfall, bark beetles

Audience - public, students, families

Location - Arizona

Goals - education, data analysis, state standards



Association of Science Technology Centers

Arizona Science Center



Dianne McKee, Director of Educational Services email Dianne

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