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Cornell Lab of Ornithology


EdVenture: Monarch Larvae Monitoring Program

Students and volunteers explore how butterfly populations are impacted by climate change.

EdVenture: Monarch Larvae Monitoring Program

As part of the Communicating Climate Change (C3) Citizen Science initiative, students and museum volunteers in Columbia, South Carolina observe and record local phenomena that are indicative of climate change. EdVenture has teamed up with the Monarch Larvae Monitoring Program at the University of Minnesota to answer the questions, “How are the distribution, numbers and migration patterns of monarchs (including overwintering monarchs) impacted by local climate change? How do they indicate local climate change effects?” Students that participate in the museum’s middle school after school program, as well as those at a partner elementary school, observe monarch caterpillars at their school sites. In addition, volunteers can observe monarch caterpillars on the museum property. Teachers in the museum’s Hands-On, Minds-On! Summer Teacher Institute also receive information and training about observing monarchs and climate change.



Topic - climate change, phenology, butterflies, monarchs

Audience - public, youth, students, teachers

Location - Columbia, South Carolina, EdVenture

Goals - education, research, monitoring




Monarch Larvae Monitoring Program

Hands-On, Minds-On!

Monarch Publishers

Association of Science Technology Centers



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