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Cornell Lab of Ornithology


Museum of Discovery and Science: Sea Turtle Research

Volunteers in Fort Lauderdale monitor sea turtle nests for vulnerability to rising temperatures and sea levels.

Museum of Discovery and Science: Sea Turtle Research

As part of the Communicating Climate Change (C3) Citizen Science initiative, museum visitors and volunteers throughout south Florida observe and record local phenomena that are indicative of climate change. Volunteers at the Museum of Discovery and Science are working with researchers at Nova Southeastern University to measure the impact of climate change on nesting sea turtles. By measuring the distance of nests from the maximum high tide line, volunteers help document the vulnerability of nests to rising sea levels. Warming beaches also may affect the sex ratio of hatching turtles, so volunteers help monitor beach temperature at nest depth.



Topic – climate change, sea turtles, sea level rise

Audience - public

Location - Florida, beach

Goals - education, research