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Maryland Science Center: Temperature Blast

Exploring climate change and the Urban Heat Island effect around Baltimore.

Maryland Science Center: Temperature Blast

As part of the Communicating Climate Change (C3) Citizen Science initiative, museum visitors and volunteers throughout Maryland will observe and record local phenomena that are indicative of anthropogenic change. The Maryland Science Center has partnered with Baltimore Ecosystem Study scientists to ask volunteers to participate in temperature measurements to reveal variations between Baltimore City and the surrounding suburbs. This measurement, over sequential seasons, will help explore the Urban Heat Island effect around Baltimore, introduce participants to the methods of studying climate, and answer the question; can our actions be responsible for temperature changes? More about C3 at the Maryland Science Center.



Topic - climate, temperature, heat island effect

Audience - scouts, church groups, k-12, public

Location - Baltimore, Maryland, mid-Atlantic

Goals - education, research, restoration



Maryland Science Center

Baltimore Ecosystem Study

Association of Science Technology Centers



Felicia Savage, TerraLink Manager, Maryland Science Center  email Felicia


Bess Caplan, Baltimore Ecosystem Study Educator  email Bess

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