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California Roadkill Observation System

Volunteer-based wildlife observation project where people register roadkill observations using a form and map based approach

California Roadkill Observation System

This is a volunteer-based wildlife observation project where people can easily register roadkill observations using a form and map based approach. Users can also see data in list and map form, as well as pictures of observations, which are also used to confirm species identity. This is the largest, multi-taxa wildlife observation system in CA and possibly the world. Since 2009 there have been >20,000 volunteer observations and >13,000 agency observations of 351 vertebrate species. More information on this project can be found at: California Roadkill Observation System



Topic - animals, wildlife, roadkill, observation

Audience - agencies, public, K-12, university, conservation NGOs

Location - California

Goals - conservation, education, research



 UC Davis Road Ecology Center

 Information Center for the Environment, UC Davis



 Fraser Shilling, Director, Road Ecology Center email Fraser Shilling


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