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Cornell Lab of Ornithology


Cascades Pika Watch

Volunteer monitoring of Pikas across The Cascades.

Cascades Pika Watch

American pikas are considered to be sensitive indicators of climate change due to their extreme heat sensitivity and limited dispersal ability; however, it remains unclear how climate change is affecting the species across its entire range. The Cascades are home to one of the five subspecies of pika, but no long-term monitoring or historical resurveys have been conducted for pikas in the region. In Cascades Pika Watch, volunteers contribute opportunistic pika sightings in the region and monitor a group of core sites in and around the Columbia River Gorge. More information on this project can be found at: Cascades Pika Watch



Topic - pikas, climate change, mammals

Audience - K-12, volunteers, general audiences

Location - Pacific Northwest, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, Washington, Cascades

Goals - education, research



 Oregon Zoo

 ABR, Inc. - Environmental Research & Services

 University of Utah

 US Fish and Wildlife Service

 The Columbia Gorge Ecology Institute

 US Geological Survey

 Jane Goodall Environmental Middle School



 David Shepherdson, Dep. Conservation Manager, Oregon Zoo email David Shepherdson

 Johanna Varner, Graduate Student, University of Utah email Johanna Varner



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