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Water Logging

Water Logging

is run by

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County

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Water Logging is a volunteer water quality monitoring program, that monitors water quality in the Huntington-Northport Bay Complex in Long Island, NY. The goals and objectives of the Water Logging Program are to: 1. Educate and involve the public in water quality assessment and protection. 2. Develop a sense of stewardship among the community in the Huntington-Northport Bay watershed. 3. Screen for water quality impairments and determine long-term water quality trends. 4. Document effects of water quality improvement programs. 5. Provide useful water quality data to interested parties and the public.

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Topic - Water quality monitoring

Audience - Adults, youth grade 6-12, senior citizens

Location - Huntington-Northport Bay Complex , Huntington NY

Goals - education, stewardship



Angel Dybas, Extension Resource Educator  email Angel


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