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Adirondack All-Taxa Biodiversity Inventory

The Adirondack All-Taxa Biodiversity Inventory

is run by the

Center for Adirondack Biodiversity

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The Adirondack All-Taxa Biodiversity Inventory is a biological information-gathering process dependent upon and supported by the citizens of the Adirondacks. It acknowledges the interdependence between stakeholders and the biological community within which they live, work, and recreate. Citizens and scientists from the Adirondacks and elsewhere are working together to learn about the biodiversity found in the largest wilderness in the continental USA. The Adirondack ATBI encompasses the entire six-million-acre Adirondack Park, about half of which is composed of public Forest Preserve land that is protected as “forever wild” by the New York State Constitution. The remaining three million acres within the Park are composed of private forests, farms, and about 100 human communities, where some 130,000 people live, either seasonally or year-round.


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Topic - plants, animals, biodiversity, survey

Audience - general public

Location - New York State, Adirondack Park

Goals - education, species inventory



David Patrick, Director, Center for Adirondack Biodiversity  tiny email icon

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