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Citizen Spring Inventory

Collecting data on the springs of the Black Rock National Conservation Area

Citizen Spring Inventory

As a Citizen Science Monitor, you can help collect valuable data on the over 1400 springs that are in the NCA. It’s a great opportunity to get out, hike the land, and enjoy seldom visited areas within the NCA. Spring Assessments are a valuable tool for assisting in the management of the National Conservation Area. Baseline reports are needed to assess ongoing stresses to area springs resulting from major changes in temperature, precipitation, wind patterns, and flora health, among others, occuring over several decades or longer. Boots on the ground are the only way to access remote areas where most springs are located. Animals migrate to source water and food taking them out of their traditional habitats and often into more populated areas. This puts undo stress on their natural ways of being and these studies help assess their habitat area which adds a layer into the over scientific report. Partners, like Friends of Black Rock High Rock, are trained in science bringing those skills to this landscape to be able to provide essential services and studies to government agencies which manage public lands on behalf of our nations citizens. The citizen spring inventory program was developed in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management, the Desert Research Institute and both Friends of Nevada Wilderness, and Friends of Black Rock – High Rock to determine the baseline health of springs throughout the Black Rock National Conservation Area. Both Friends organizations value the data from spring inventories and are invested in determining what assistance may be needed in the future for wildlife and land use by ranchers. -Visit springs and record data on the health of the riparian area -Assist in determining the impacts from cattle or wildlife The data collected will allow the Bureau of Land Management to make more informed management decisions in support of the National Conservation Lands Strategy. More information on this project can be found at: Citizen Spring Inventory



Topic - water quality

Audience - Citizen Scientists

Location - The Black Rock High Rock National Conservation Area

Goals - Baseline Data




Friends of Black Rock High Rock


Friends of Nevada Wilderness


Bureau of Land Management - Winnemucca District


Desert Research Institute




Stephanie Mcknight, Stewardship Program Manager email Stephanie Mcknight



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