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Cornell Lab of Ornithology


Birds in Forested Landscapes

Birds in Forested Landscapes

is coordinated by the

Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology


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Birds in Forested Landscapes is a continentwide study to look at the effects of habitat - forest fragmentation, acid rain, recreation - on the breeding success of thrushes and hawks. BFL focuses on seven species of North American thrushes and two forest raptors. BFL is a breeding survey, so fieldwork starts after spring migration and wraps up before migration starts again in late summer. Observers broadcast audio recordings of mobbing calls to elicit a response from local birds, and describe the habitat at three geographic scales to help understand species' habitat requirements for successful breeding.


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Topic - birds, thrushes, raptors, habitat, acid rain

Audience - bird watchers

Location - North America, forests

Goals - research, education, conservation



Jim Lowe, BFL Project Leader  email Jim


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