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Cornell Lab of Ornithology



A free, social, interactive, citizen science mapping project about habitat creation and low-impact land use.


YardMap enables people to map their habitat management and carbon neutral practices in backyards and parks, interact socially, and try out new landscape practices. Participants first locate their yards or parks on a Google map and then use easy point-and-click tools to define habitat types and sustainable activities, including actions like planting natives, putting up bird feeders, or installing solar panels. These practices are stored as data and linked to Cornell’s citizen science bird observations. Integrated social networking tools give contributors the opportunity to form online learning communities and allow people to share their maps and practices broadly within the network. Participants also have access to a wide array of rich media and web-based learning resources with learning objectives ranging from bird and plant identification to conceptual understanding of complex habitat-bird relationships, including the importance of the size and arrangement of habitat patches and the potential for cumulative impacts of many small acts to make a difference to both bird conservation and carbon neutrality. Our partners include the USFWS National Wildlife Refuge System, The American Community Gardening Association, The Roger Tory Peterson Institute, National Audubon Society, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and Empire State College. Join us at YardMap and put yourself on the map today!

Head to the YardMaps website

Topic - birds, habitat, wildlife, neighborhood, yard, landscape, climate change
Audience - public, youth, adults, families
Location - backyard, parks, online, worldwide
Goals - research, education, conservation, stewardship


Citizen science, volunteer monitoring, participatory action research... this site supports organizers of all initiatives where public participants are involved in scientific research.

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