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Cornell Lab of Ornithology


Conker Tree Science

Monitor the damage caused by invasive moths on Britain's horse-chestnut population.

Conker Tree Science

Britain's horse-chestnut trees are under attack by invasive moths that have caterpillars that 'mine' the trees' leaves. Help scientists find out more, and answer hypotheses, by taking part in our missions. 1: Record how far the moth is spreading and how much damage it is doing. 2: Rear insects to discover whether tiny parasitic wasps are effective natural pest controllers. 3. Check for bird attacks to discover whether birds could be effective pest controllers. More information on this project can be found at:

Topic - biodiversity, invasive, non-native
Audience - anyone, school children
Location - UK
Goals - research, public engagement

NERC Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

University of Hull

Michael Pocock, NERC Centre for Ecology & Hydrology email Michael Pocock
  +(0)1491 692566

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