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RoadkillGarneau on the Epicollect smartphone app

Roadkill data collection through the Epicollect smartphone app.

RoadkillGarneau on the Epicollect smartphone app

Roadkill App for citizen scientists to log sightings of roadkill anywhere in the world using smartphone devices (iPhone, Android, iPod Touch). The Epicollect app allows project form importation (RoadkillGarneau). The form allows GPS location, camera ready options, and questions address species, temperature/precipitation, time of day, road type/speed limit, frequency of travel on road, traffic volume, peak season for species, type of scavenger, surrounding habitat, gender, group/solitary, potential as a hotspot. 

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Topic - roadkill, wildlife, smartphone, app

Audience - all age groups

Location - world-wide (mobile device reach)

Goals - education, research, conservation, public safety




SUNY Plattsburgh





Danielle Garneau, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science, SUNY Plattsburgh email Danielle Garneau



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