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Cornell Lab of Ornithology


WildlifeBlitzGarneau on Epicollect smartphone app

Wildlife population data collection through the Epicollect smartphone app.

WildlifeBlitzGarneau on Epicollect smartphone app

This App will help you explore habitats in your area and easily monitor wildlife populations. The smartphone app is iPhone, iPod, and Android ready. The project form WildlifeBlitzGarneau from the Epicollect smartphone app will record GPS location, ready a camera for a photo, and include form questions such as temperature/precipitation, time of day, animal species, animal behavior, gender, group/solitary, overall condition, age, and surrounding habitat. 

You can easily view and access raw data/photos from the website: and download map and data for queries.


To upload data without a smartphone and learn more about WildlifeBlitzGarneau please visit:




Topic - wildlife, smartphone, app, nature observation

Audience - all age groups

Location - worldwide (with mobile capabilities)

Goals - education, research




SUNY Plattsburgh





Danielle Garneau, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science, SUNY Plattsburgh email Danielle Garneau



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