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Cornell Lab of Ornithology


Grunion Greeters

Grunion Greeters

is run by

Pepperdine University

in partnership with the

National Marine Fisheries Service, SWR: Habitat Conservation Division

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Volunteer “Grunion Greeters” experience a grunion run and witness the remarkable behavior of the silvery little fish as they come completely ashore to spawn. Volunteers monitor local California beaches and collect basic information during a grunion run. The data are used by Pepperdine University researchers conducting studies on these charismatic fish and to ensure their protection on the beach.


Open the Grunion Greeters website



Topic - fish, grunion, beach ecology, beach, spawning

Location - California beaches

Goals - research, protection, habitat conservation



Melissa Studer, Project Director  email Melissa


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