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H2O Chelsea

H2O Chelsea

is run by

the Municipality of Chelsea

in partnership with

the University of Ottawa's Institute of the Environment,


Action Chelsea for the Respect of the Environment (ACRE)

H2O Chelsea logo



H2O Chelsea is a community-based water research and surveillance program developed collaboratively by the Municipality of Chelsea, the University of Ottawa’s Institute of the Environment and Action Chelsea for the Respect of the Environment (ACRE). The goal of the program is to develop a better understanding of ground and surface water resources in Chelsea that will inform municipal planning and management decisions. The project is volunteer-driven, relying on the commitment of over 70 local residents, municipal employees and professors and students from the University of Ottawa.


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Topic - water quality, water quantity

Audience - adults, schools, youth

Location - Chelsea, Québec, Canada

Goals - research, monitoring, education



Isabelle Pitre, H2O Chelsea Project Coordinator  tiny email icon


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