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Invasive Tracers

Invasive Tracers,

A Citizen Scientist Initiative: Marine Invasive Species Monitoring Organization (CSI MISMO),

is run by

McGill University

and the

National Sea Grant

Open the Invasive Tracers website



Predicting the spread of non-native organisms in the oceans is difficult. Usually there is not enough data on the introduced species over a large enough geographic scale and for a long enough time to develop and test mathematical models. Collecting adequate data takes many people working together to identify a particular species and accurately record information. This project seeks to demonstrate that a large group of people working together can collect enough scientifically valid data for predicting the spread of recently introduced non-native crab species. This project is designed to accomplish two goals. Firstly, it aims to train and validate the efforts of citizen scientists to collect data. Secondly, the data will be used to develop an invasion probability model for two crab species, European green crab (Carcinus maenas), and Asian shore crab (Hemigrapsus sanguineus).


Open the Invasive Tracers website



Topic - marine introduced species, crabs, marine biology

Audience - 3rd grade and above

Location - East coast of North America

Goals - education, research, restoration



David G. Delaney, PhD Candidate  email David

  514 585 8801

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