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Prairies Across Kansas

Prairies Across Kansas

is run by the

Konza Environmental Education Program, Konza Prairie Biological Station

Open the Prairies Across Kansas website



Kansas teachers participate in workshops at Konza Prairie on prairie ecology and long-term data collection. They choose a native prairie site near their school where students can collect data annually. This real world research experience allows students to use their own data and data collected by other schools and in previous years for comparison in classroom units developed by their teachers. Student collected data is added to our databases on the Internet and is available for use in any classroom. Several activities are offered to fit the class curriculum.


Open the Prairies Across Kansas website



Topic - Kansas, prairies, plant & grasshopper inventories, biomass

Audience - grades 6-12

Location - Kansas, several

Goals - student research, field data collection



Dr. Valerie F. Wright, Director, Konza Environmental Education Program  email Valerie

  785 587 0381

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