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Minnesota Loon Monitoring Program

The Minnesota Loon Monitoring Program

is run by the

MN Department of Natural Resources

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The Minnesota Loon Monitoring Program (MLMP) is a long-term project of the Minnesota DNR. Hundreds of volunteer observers annually gather information about common loon numbers on more than 600 lakes in six regions of the state. Volunteers visit each lake for one morning in early July, count the number of adult & juvenile loons seen, and report these observations to the DNR for analysis. The MLMP provides the DNR with the ability to detect changes in the population and reproductive success of the state's common loons, and to anticipate any problems that could jeopardize the future of Minnesota's state bird.


Open the Minnesota Loon Monitoring Program website



Topic - loons, birds, survey, Minnesota

Audience - individuals, families, adults

Location - Minnesota, U.S., North America

Goals - monitoring, conservation, education, research



Region specific contact information can be found at the bottom of the MLMP website.

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