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Cornell Lab of Ornithology


Audubon Christmas Bird Count

The Audubon Christmas Bird Count

is run by the

National Audubon Society

in partnership with

Bird Studies Canada, the North American Breeding Bird Survey,

and the

Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology

Open the Christmas Bird Count website



The CBC database is the repository of early winter bird observations recorded since 1900. Currently there are over 2100 count circles submitted each year (as of 2008). The database provides information for compilers, regional editors, Audubon conservation staff, ornithologists, academic researchers, federal, state and local wildlife and land planning agencies, educators, birders, chapters, ornithological societies, and the general public to learn about citizen science, bird distribution and population trends.


Open the Christmas Bird Count website



Topic - birds, conservation, research

Audience - birders, researchers

Location - The Americas, Caribbean, and Pacific Islands

Goals - conservation, research, education



Geoffrey S. LeBaron, Christmas Bird Count Director  email Geoff

  413 268-9372

Greg Butcher, Director of Bird Conservation  email Greg

  202 861-2242 x3034

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