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Cornell Lab of Ornithology


North Mountain Plant Inventory Project

Collecting baseline data and monitoring the flora within North Mountain Preserve, Phoenix, Arizona.

North Mountain Plant Inventory Project

Flora of North Mountain Preserve

The North Mountain Plant Inventory Project aims to collect critical baseline data on the preserve by conducting an ongoing flora in partnership with the Plant Atlas Project of Arizona, the Phoenix Mountains Preservation Council, the City of Phoenix, and the Desert Botanical Garden-- all members of the Conservation Alliance. Participants will be trained as Budding Botanists and will be partnered with professional botanists to conduct field surveys, process voucher specimens, and enter data into the The Southwest Environmental Information Network database.




Topic - plants, inventory, botany, botanical

Audience - adults, park users, park volunteers

Location - North Mountain Preserve, Phoenix, AZ

Goals - research, informal science education, inform management


The Conservation Alliance with Desert Botanical Garden

In partnership with:
Plant Atlas Project of Arizona
Phoenix Mountains Preservation Council
City of Phoenix


Stacie Beute, Conservation Alliance Program Coordinator email Stacie


Kimberlie McCue, PhD, Program Director, Conservation of Threatened Species and Habitats email Kimberlie


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