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Help identify and catalog the trees in Philadelphia's urban forest! PhillyTreeMap is an open-source, web-based map database of trees in the greater 13-county 3-state Philadelphia region. The wiki-style database enables the general public to collaboratively create an accurate and informative inventory of the trees in their communities. The project is in support of the Philadelphia Department of Parks and Recreation's 30% tree canopy goal, and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society's "Plant One Million" campaign.

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Topic - trees, environment, city, urban, nature, outdoors

Audience - K-12, volunteers, citizens, anyone, government, non-profits

Location - Philadelphia, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North America

Goals - restoration, research, cataloging, identification, planting

Other - open source software, urban forestry



Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

Azavea, Inc.

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation



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