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Salt Marsh Program

The Salt Marsh Program

is run by the

Association to Preserve Cape Cod

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The Salt Marsh Program relies on trained volunteers who work side by side with salt marsh ecologists. We monitor tidally restricted salt marshes on Cape Cod, focusing on four areas of study: salinity, plants, birds and fish. Our goals are to: 1) increase awareness and stewardship of salt marshes through direct study of ecology and funtion; 2) build and maintain a skilled base of volunteer monitors; 3) obtain scientifically useful information on key indicators of salt marsh health; 4) document the need for and effectiveness of tidal restoration.


Open the Association to Preserve Cape Cod website



Topic - salt marsh

Audience - local citizens

Location - Cape Cod, MA, USA

Goals - restoration and stewardship



Tara Nye, staff biologist  email Tara


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