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San Diego County Tree Map

A joint municipal & citizen science project that maps four ecosystem benefits for every tree monitored.

San Diego County Tree Map

We manage the San Diego County Tree Map. Begun as a joint municipal & citizen science project, and funded through a CAL-FIRE grant for urban forestry, our map calculates these four annual ecosystem benefits for every tree entered into the map: 1) lbs. of carbon dioxide reduced, 2) annual gallons of water saved 3) kWh energy conserved 4) lbs of pollutants removed. Our primary goal is to enhance public awareness about the value of tree canopy, and that higher percentages are necessary to compensate for the increase in brick-and-mortar development and why this makes economic sense. It's FUN too! More information on this project can be found at: San Diego County Tree Map



Topic - trees, water saving, pollution, energy saving, carbon

Audience - teen-adult, schools; colleges, scouts, churches

Location - San Diego County, Southern California

Goals - tree ID, tree benefits, education, economic values, tree awareness

Other - climate change mitigation, natural ecosystems, sustanable ecology




CCSE division of Urban Forestry




Urban Ecos


California Center for Sustainable Energy




Robin Rivet, Urban Forester/Arborist email Robin Rivet



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