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Cornell Lab of Ornithology


Tracking the Wild Invasives

Tracking the Wild Invasives

is a joint project between

Rutgers University

and the

NY NJ Trail Conference

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This is a USDA supported project that aims to better understand the spread of invasive plants in forested parklands that have high conservation value and high levels of public use. There is very little information about this in our region, which makes it difficult for park managers to determine the magnitude of the problem or how to manage it. Citizen volunteers help us to gather data on infestation during hikes on trails in areas of concern.


Open the Tracking the Wild Invasives website



Topic - plants, invasive species, hiking

Audience - hikers, K-Life

Location - Southern NY, Northern NJ

Goals - education, conservation



Rebecca Jordan, Assistant professor  tiny email icon  tiny user

   (732) 932-9164

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